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At the recent request of Angel Paris-Jordan this web-site, which was only intended as a tribute to Angel's life will be closing.

This page will remain for sometime however and the links bellow will forward you to her own site. She wishes it to be known that she never had any part in the making of this web-site, it's design or content and I apologise for not removing it sooner.


Angels Official site

Angels Online Diary




'Each year around 500 children and teenagers in the UK take their own lives because they are unhappy with their own body; many have Gender Identity Disorder, intersexed and/or an Eating Disorder'

"It has come to my attention that almost all my supportive fan-mail around the time of my NEWS OF THE WORLD debacle and even now, was from people who have been affected by similar issues. These issues are not limited to intersexed genetic disorders but moreover: depression.

I suffer from an intersexed disorder which means I was born neither male nor female and although raised from an early age as Angel, this horrible affliction is as traumatic as you could imagine.

Therefore, this site WILL aim to provide comfort, inspiration and hope to other men and women who are in need or alone. I will try to provide as much help and inspiration to those affected by depression, THE BIGGEST KILLER IN BRITAIN. I feel the best way to do this is to forge a comprehensive links page to self help web-sites. In the field of intersex and transsexual children,  If you read my online diary you will know that I have good days and bad days and life continues to throw unpleasant things at me ; but I  am happy and am so glad I was saved and eventually released from my unbearable wish to end my life.











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